The Three Hours’ Agony of Our Lord Jesus Christ


The Three Hours’ Agony of Our Lord Jesus Christ

By Reverend Peter Guilday


Quote from the Preface: “The Good Friday devotion, popularly known as the Three Hours’ Agony, is becoming one of the most eagerly attended services of Holy Week.This book, first printed in 1917, is a series of sermons on the Seven Last Words of Our Lord on Calvary. No other series of sermons could be of more intimate and personal character than those given during the impressive services of the Three Hours’ Agony.


The traditions of the occasion itself open the heart wider than ever before. At no other moment does the sense of sin seem so intense, the fear of it so tangible; and the personal realization of the meaning of Calvary’s tragedy reaches a depth seldom touched before or after Good Friday itself. This fact alone would seem to preclude any publicity to the words spoken at the very height of such emotion; but in spite of this hesitation, the sermons are now published, as they were given, as an humble act of devotion to the Crucified Master.”


This book will be particularly useful to the faithful during Lent, especially Holy Week and throughout the year for First Fridays, etc.

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