Interview with Fr. Michael Oswalt (June 2011)

Father Michael Oswalt is the first priest I know of to be absolutely, not conditionally, ordained in the Traditional Rite by a Bishop consecrated in the Traditional Rite after he was originally ordained in the Novus Ordo by a Novus Ordo-consecrated Bishop.  While it has never been, nor will it begin to be now, the raison d'etre of this website to comment on sacramental theology, it must be widely acknowledged that the dirty little secret of most Trads is that they have massive doubts about the new sacraments (what this implies for the possibility of an erring Magisterium and the logical consequences in their minds is something we'll sidestep for now).  The SSPX has most visibly expressed this doubt not just through their numerous conditional ordinations of Novus Ordo priests, but through many thousands of conditional confirmations (for which no canonical investigation is required for you to present yourself for conditional confirmation).  What I think is fascinating about Fr. Oswalt's interview(s) (I met him in 2009, before he walked down this road) is seeing just how the "Tradversion" story that we all experienced was seen through his eyes.

Father Oswalt was ordained a priest forever by Bishop Mark Pivarunas at Mount St. Michael in June of this year.  Please enjoy the excerpt below (12 minutes of a 70 minute interview).

As a final note, Fr. Oswalt's interview is one of 5 premiering in the next 3 weeks.  Due to comments from some of the earliest subscribers to we have lowered our price for the annual subscription, which gives you access to all the video interviews ever done, as well as some of the beautiful ceremonies I've started to capture in High Definition.  Long-form interviews like what we do here don't exist anywhere else in the Traditional Catholic world.  Now we will be bringing you ceremonies in high-def also.  Being a subscriber is cheaper than ordering the DVDs individually, and you get instant access instead of waiting for the DVD.

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Stephen Heiner

Stephen founded True Restoration in 2006 and served as its first President until 2023. He now lives in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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