If Life is Just a Random Chance, Then. . .

St. Marcellus

Is an atheistic viewpoint sustainable?  Wintery Knight reports on what they really believe.

Theodore Dalyrmple notices the attitude of the pro-death people in newspaper reports of two different elderly men in this Taki Magazine piece.  If you followed the Jahi McMath story, you know that her attorney and her uncle received threats for seeking to save her life after the hospital where she was a patient declared her "brain dead."  Talk about "haters".  These folks must be the zombies of the Zombie Apocalypse.

What does it mean to be Real?  To do Real work?  Hilary Jane Margaret White at Orwell's Picnic shares her discomfort at being tied to the internet as a writer for LifeSiteNews and gives a critical assessment of the college degree.

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