If Angels Could Be Jealous of Men

Corpus Christi

Today's post on Traditional Catholic Priest laments the loss of faith since Vatican II, as documented in an embedded video of a Corpus Christi procession in Fribourg, Switzerland, in 1956.

It would seem that one of the best ways to promote the restoration of all things in Christ would be to have lay Catholic-produced community newspapers across the country.  According to this piece by Dan Kennedy, a journalism professor at Northeastern University, there is a growing place in the market for such local publications because corporate journalism ignores issues of primary concern to citizens.  Once established, what a great opportunity for providing apprenticeships to the youth.

Hail the glorious "box in the corner", the TV, as it has provided a venue for the population control folks to "educate" poor women around the world through the soap opera.  This genre of programming has proved itself many times over in its ability to quickly change traditional attitudes and decrease birth rates, as approvingly reported by the Utne Reader in the lengthy but eye-opening article, "TV as Birth Control:  Defusing the Population Bomb".





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  1. Wasn’t it Padre Pio who said that angels are jealous of men because men can suffer for Christ, and angels cannot, because they do not have passible bodies?