Latin and Final Perseverance

As traditional Catholics, the Latin language is an integral part of our daily lives. Because it is a “dead” language, Latin is a natural vehicle for the teachings and worship of the unchanging Faith following the unchanging God. But is there even more to it than that? In Defense of Latin by R. W. Livingstone on Memoria Press makes an excellent case for personal mastery of this ancient language from an historic perspective. “It is not an overstatement to say that not to know Greek is to be ignorant of the most flexible and subtle instrument of expression, and not to know Latin is to have missed an admirable training in precise and logical thought.” Latin truly is the perfect language for the study of apologetics and the One True Faith!

Finer Femininity posts a wonderful excerpt from Father Bernard O’Reilly’s “True Womanhood” entitled The Power of a Woman – True Womanhood. Far from the oppressed and overburdened life modern so-called feminism would describe, this beautifully worded piece will inspire wives, daughters, and sisters everywhere to flourish at the all-important and ever-powerful work of creating a loving and welcoming home.

Final Perseverance, a short and moving discourse by St. Bonaventure, expounds on the absolute necessity of perseverance amongst all the virtues. After thus inspiring the reader, Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals has included a prayer for Final Perseverance.

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