Fr. Bede Nkamuke interview released

True Restoration Media's raison d'être is to do long-form interviews with clergy, and occasionally laymen, about the Catholic Faith.  While the majority of our videos are either exclusive to our subscribers or available for a la carte purchase, as we add new videos to our library we take the opportunity to make one video available for free to the public, not just as a service to the Faith - we think it's important for people to see this content - but as a chance for people to see what they could have access to if they bought a Platinum Annual membership or above to True Restoration.

Stephen Heiner conducted this interview with Fr. Nkamuke during his diaconate.  Fr. Nkamuke is now preparing, after some time at St. Gertrude's, to begin a very busy apostolate in Nigeria.  You can find Fr. Nkamuke on twitter here.  Ask him how you can help!

Enjoy the video.

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