10.18.14 | Radio Network News: Cloud Migration and Some Updates


DATE: 18 October 2014
RE: Cloud Migration and Some General Updates

Dear Restoration Radio Members and Supporters,

Just a quick note to give you an update on what's been happening on the back end of things around here, and also to make you aware of a service disruption beginning tomorrow morning for a few hours.

Last month, you might recall that we had some website accessibility issues due to server issues that plagued us all through last month. Most of the wrinkles seem to have been ironed out with some intermittent problems remaining with accessibility. As I discussed previously, we have been planning to migrate over to a cloud-based server so that these issues do not continue to plague us. So tomorrow morning, our domain host will begin the migration of our site off of a shared server to a cloud server and that means that the site will be down from 2am EDT until 10am EDT tomorrow morning, 10/19/14. If you try to access the site during that time period, it will not be up. Everything should be complete by 10am EDT and the migration complete.

Next, our smartphone app is in its final stages and has been submitted for beta testing. We expect to start test-driving it this week and will keep everyone posted as to its release date. We're very excited at the product our app developers have come up with, and look forward to finally releasing it to you. That being said, we also thank you for your patience, as Apple's new iOS 8 set us back on a release date that we had planned for earlier this month. The Droid App is in its final stages of development and we should beta testing it very soon as well.

Hard to believe, but we are racing forward to closing out Season 3 at the end of November. We have several great shows planned to round out the season for you, one of which is to be released on Monday!

There is also a new "Shows by Title" page, which will make things easier for our mobile users accessing our site. It is a list of all of our shows by title with links to the show archives to make finding the show content more streamlined from a mobile phone.

Once again, thanks to each and every one of you for your material and spiritual support as we continue to strive to bring you the best Catholic content on the internet today.

In Xto,

Justin Soeder - Executive Producer
Restoration Radio Network

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