Digital Literacy

Daphne Patai at Minding The Campus writes, Why Is It So Hard Now to Read a Book? "Years ago, some of my students told me that even between their experience and that of their younger siblings, there was an enormous gap: the younger kids were less likely to be interested in reading, whereas many of my students, in those days before the Internet, still loved books."

Seton Magazine's Christina Patterson writes, Is Print ‘Dead’? Homeschool Moms, iPhones & Hardcovers. A balanced view on technology and why print will "never be dead."

Finally, Stephen Heiner writes at Front Porch Republic, The Web, Our Brains, and You. “Yes, digitization often means (and this is confirmable through peer-reviewed studies) that we often read less attentively, with less comprehension, and less deeply in our digital lives. Add to that all the brain power expended to capture and process all the inputs coming in across social media channels and hyperlinks, and you have a new vast ocean of information … that is necessarily much shallower than your previous personal lake of knowledge and its own peculiar flora and fauna.”  He signs off with a few suggested solutions which one would do well to consider putting into practice.

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