Work of Human Hands

A Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI

In 2010, Father Anthony Cekada released his blockbuster masterwork Work of Human Hands: A Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI.

Since that time, the work has been reviewed the world over and has received critical acclaim from the Catholic world as the definitive work explaining, in a methodical study, the theological break from Catholicism that is expressed in the rite of Paul VI. Father's erudition, clarity of expression, and facile wit has attracted readers of all ages to further understand this keystone topic in the history of the decline of the Catholic Church following Vatican II.

We hope this show will appeal to seasoned traditional Catholics, as well as those who are just discovering that something is wrong at their local parish and are deeply confused. It is also our hope that this show will appeal to "liturgical nerds" who have a deep understanding of things and are looking for a forensic theological study, as well as those just looking to find out what exactly is wrong with the "new rite of Mass" and why they rightly sense that something is severely wrong.

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Original Air Date: November 30, 2013
Show Guest: Father Anthony Cekada
Show Host: Justin Soeder, Stephen Heiner

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