Cling to the Faith Which Is Eternal

St. Peter Damian

This Carraig an Aifrinn post wakens that longing within one for the Real Sacrifice, the Real Presence, the True Faith--whole and entire--that brings one to one's knees.  It's wonderful to be able to feature this piece from a sedevacantist blog.

Can you do the Charleston?  Now here is a Catholic restorationist story you'll want to share:  The City of Charleston, South Carolina, is promoting the fine building trades with a college it created.  A four-year, liberal arts school that allows students to specialize in six different areas: architectural stone, carpentry, forged architectural iron, masonry, plasterwork, or timber framing, it was conceived with historical preservation in mind.

Hungary follows Jesus' model and throws the money lenders out, according to this Silver Doctors report.  They got rid of GMOs several years ago.  Next thing you know, they'll be restoring the Social Reign of Christ the King!

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