Europe, the new radio site, and the final days of our crowdfunder campaign *Updated*

Bishop Sanborn is getting ready to leave the United States for a short trip to Europe before the beginning of the academic year.  He will be visiting an established community in Poland under Fr. Trytek's stewardship.  He will also be visiting, for the first time, Hungary, which has a group of 30 souls that recently took the extraordinary step of asking their long-term una cum priest to stop coming because they have made the intellectual journey to realizing that Jorge Bergoglio cannot be the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth and they would no longer be opinionist on this matter.

If you would like to register for this conference there is no charge and while the website is geared towards Hungarians, the conference will be given in English with a simultaneous Hungarian translation.  Registration is mandatory (for planning purposes) and the English-speaking form is here.  Stephen Heiner should be there as well so you won't be alone if you are an English-speaker and traveling to hear the Bishop!  There will be Mass on Saturday and Sunday and a conference on Saturday afternoon, encompassing much of the history of the Church in these last 50 years.  The conference will be recorded, of course, and will be made available to some of our members: our Platinum Plus Annual subscribers first, and then to our Platinum Annual subscribers, via their complimentary memberships to True Restoration Media.

Justin Soeder has spent the last 60 days creating and perfecting the new Restoration Radio homepage.  We urge those who have any frustrations or challenges with the new site to simply send us an email.  We will be happy to help you through whatever you might be struggling with!  The full show schedule returns to the air next week.  You might think about sending Justin some coffee, as he has gone through a lot of his own in preparing this for us. 🙂

Many did not know that Bishop Sanborn had a blog.  He does, and he recently wrote a nice post promoting our book, which is in the final week of its funding campaign.  Check it out and subscribe to his blog!

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