But He Was Asleep

There are many passages in the New Testament when the words of Christ seem to be speaking particularly to the Catholics of this time.  Among the multiple quotes which always make me think of the current situation of the Church is the following: “And when he entered into the boat, his disciples followed him: and behold a great tempest arose in the sea, so that the boat was covered with waves, but he was asleep.  And they came to him, and awakened him, saying: Lord, save us, we perish.  And Jesus saith to them: Why are you fearful, O ye of little faith?  Then rising up he commanded the winds, and the sea, and there came a great calm.” – Matthew 8:23-26  Margaret Duffy’s Calming the Storm on Ad Imaginem Dei supplies several depictions of this profound moment.  The fourth picture, “Jesus on Sea of Galilee” from Sermons of Maurice de Sully, captures the anxiety of the frightened disciples well, I think, as their eyes remain expectantly on the slumbering Son of God.  Perhaps we can relate.

Next is an article from Crisis Magazine, The "Strong Money" of Good King Saint Louis, by John Horvat II.  As one can see, the world has come ever such a long way since the monarchies have gone all but extinct...

And a short piece by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen posted by The Catholic Thing is last of all, East, West, Christ, a very sharp observation still relevant today, of course, in the era of “Years of Mercy,” hammer and sickle “crucifixes” and blaspheming, Catholic doctrine-and-anything-supernatural-denying Bergoglios (surely, oh surely there must be more than one of him)!

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