Beloved by God

St. Francis Borgia

In "Seeing Through the Eyes of Love," on Carrots for Michaelmas, a mama reveals her feelings at seeing her 3-year-old dance on parents' day at the ballet studio and compares it to how God sees and loves us.

John Cuddeback doesn't want to sink any lower.  "Texting: Why I Resolve to Avoid It," reflects on his recent experience with borrowing a cell phone and texting while traveling to and from the Front Porch Republic conference.

Planning a home library?  You might get some ideas here:  Consider the difference between the needs of pure functionality and man.  That's what Plinio Carrera de Oliveira does in considering two different styles of libraries in this essay for TIA A good library "should have, as much as possible, a regal magnificence," he says.

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