Señorita Rita at To be Valiant is to be Virtuous recently shared an excerpt from R. P. Quadrupani’s Light and Peace which she entitled The Presence of God. It makes for a short but quite inspiring read. “Only in Heaven shall we be able to think actually and uninterruptedly of God. In this world to do so is an impossibility, for we are at every moment distracted by our occupations, our necessities, our imagination.” And yet, it is not impossible to dedicate our every moment to Our Lord.

The “una cum” Mass and the increasing frequency of so-called traditional worship and prayer at Novus Ordo churches presents a quandary and strong temptation for many Faithful, especially those who find themselves isolated from the true Mass and sacraments. Although this issue has been thoroughly addressed by sedevacantist clergy, questions still arise. But when sound reasoning is applied, it becomes quite clear that there ought be no temptation whatsoever. Mass in Union with the “Pirate Pope”: Some Questions, Father Cekada’s latest post at Quidlibet, addresses some of these questions in his infamous evidence-based style.

Lastly, we have a children’s sermon in celebration of the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel which is this Friday, 29 September. Originally penned by Rev. Raphael Frassinetti in 1900, it is shared here by Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals.

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