August Clearance Sale – Continued!

We're continuing our clearance sale with selections from the following categories - Three Days Only - from 24th to 26th August (Central Time) - or until stock runs out:

Spiritual Life: 


Twelve Steps to Holiness and Salvation - $8

The Ways of Mental Prayer - $8

The Spiritual Life (by Fr. Nicholas Grou) - $13

Fire of Love - $6

The Golden Arrow - $8

Watching an Hour - $10

Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary - $8



Our Heavenly Blessing Record Book - $20

The Idea of a University - $3

Catholic Christianity and Modern Unbelief - $16

Behind the Lodge Door - $3

A History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland - $3

The Sinner's Return to God - $1



Theresa is Director of True Restoration Press and hostess of the Restoration Radio series, “The Catholic Home.” She is a cradle Catholic, homeschooling mother residing in Australia.