Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary


Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

by St. Louis de Montfort


A Marian author with renown throughout all of Christendom, St. Louis’ pious works are a must-read for the Christian who wishes to grow in his devotion to Our Blessed Mother. This work, which leads the soul on a 33-day pilgrimage into the depths of oneself, focuses, after twelve days of preparation, upon knowledge of (1) self, (2) Our Lady, and (3) Our Lord. The hearty recommendation of St. Pius X alone is sufficient for one to take up this devotion which has been practiced by countless Holy Fathers of Mother Church. Our Lord came to men through Our Lady; may this work lead men to Him through Her, as St. Louis preached.


224 pages

NB: The publisher has regrettably added in commentary about the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, which clearly is not part of St. Louis’ original writing. We recommend the reader black out any reference to that modernist innovation.

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