Little strikes fear into the heart of a mother more than watching her young child perch precariously at the edge of a railing or dangling from the highest branch of a tall tree… and yet former generations allowed these dangers and more, recognizing that the benefits children gain from taking such risks far outweigh the actual threat. The Art of Manliness attempts to resurrect this former wisdom with 23 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do. Will you allow your children to use a pocket knife and stand on a roof?

Finer Femininity presents an excerpt from Father Bernard O’Reilly’s “The Mirror of True Womanhood” entitled Duties of the Wife as the Dispenser of the Home Treasures, in which Father explains a wife’s obligation to establish order and discipline in the home. The lady of the house truly sets the atmosphere and mood of the home, regardless of whether there be plenty or little at her disposal. “There is not one among the readers of this book but has seen such homes—albeit lowly, narrow, and poor in the literal sense—in which this order, comfort, and loveliness gave the beholder the evidence of a womanly spirit that might have graced a palace.”

Lastly, we invite you to ponder the results of Alan Scott’s 30-day social media fast as presented in My Social Media Fast Results: A New Normal at Grow in Virtue. He describes withdrawal-like emotions during the first few days, but a welcome focus and freedom from distraction by the end of the month. If you find that a feeling of antsy anxiety follows any forced, conscious separation from your favorite electronic gadgets, perhaps you ought try this experiment for yourself. There’s no telling what might await you!

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