All Francis Friday

St. Albert the Great

Put on your VII glasses.  Francis congratulates the FSSP on its anniversary, and we learn the true price for being "in communion" with the novus ordo church.  Catholic Family News reports.

Rorate spots the real story in a CNS article about the president of Italy's greeting to Francis.  It sounds like a monologue from Saturday Night Live, but it's really, really real.  And true.

Mundabor finds there is not enough time in the day to keep up with Pope Diana, er Francis.  "Bergoglisms" that really deserve to be dealt with in their own post end up being mentioned fleetingly as part of an even bigger story.

Lights, camera, Francis!  Here, Mundabor focuses exclusively on Francis' false humility.

The annual inter-religious prayer service that Francis first organized in the Buenos Aires cathedral  years ago to commemorate Kristallnacht, this year brought  police when  SSPX faithful protested by kneeling in the pews and praying the rosary, as reported by when it became necessary to defend itself against charges of anti-Semitism.

Novus Ordo Watch features an expansive look at the Kristallnacht abomination in the Buenos Aires cathedral with reactions from neo cons like Fr. Z and Phil Lawler, links to pertinent encyclicals, and an embedded video.  It documents Francis' affection for the immoral tango in this piece with accompanying video of a tango "mass".

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