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The aftershocks of yesterday's midterm report on Synod14 continue to rock the blogosphere, but one of the most interesting things I have read today was actually published on Saturday--two days before the relatio release.   It's a piece by Boniface at Unam Sanctam Catholicam, and he astutely sums up where the motu mass folks stand as far as their plan for rebuilding Tradition "brick by brick" and presents five critiques of it.   It's ironic that he describes a "gradualist" approach to restoring Tradition, and two days later the Synod proposed a "gradualist" approach to living a Catholic life.  Overall a great read, though on the longish side.

Robert Royal actually attended yesterday's press conference in the Vatican where the stunner relatio was released.  His observations are priceless, as he relays them here for The Catholic Thing.

This piece by Hilary Margaret Jane White at Orwell's Picnic is short and shines with powerful imagery.  She talks about the Synod and identifies the root of the problem as the Second Vatican Council.  We're making progress.

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