All Francis Friday

Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Hearing Francis praise marriage as an "icon of God's love for us", Marielena Montesino de Stuart expertly presents the evidence of Francis' hypocrisy.

Being pope is just another job that makes you happy because you're not unemployed.  We all know that unemployment is one of the most serious problems facing the world today.  One of the other ones is the environment.  No, not euthanasia. Not abortion.  Not traditional marriage.  Francis met with Brazilian "Bishop" Erwin Krautler in order to get the bishop's advice on the pope's upcoming encyclical on the environment, citing a need to get the bishop's expertise on the rainforest and the indigenous peoples of Brazil.

The rainforest "bishop" reports that he and Francis also seriously discussed the priest shortage and ordaining married men to fill the vacancies.  The "pope" recommended that bishops' conferences get together and come up with "solutions."  In other words he gave his blessing to the idea of having married priests without having to take any responsibility for it.

Francis praises Rosmini.  What was Bad in the Old Church is Good in the New, or The Evolution of Narrow Thinking.





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