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Saint of the Day: St. Isidore of Seville

Why was the Mafia singled out by Francis for condemnation to Hell?  Could there be a connection between this strict treatment and the friendly relationship between the "Holy" Father and street "priest" don Ciotti?  The Call Me Jorge blog documents not only the recent hand-holding episode between the two, it also details don Ciotti's homosexual and communist background and delves into the activities of don Ciotti's many non-profit organizations.  Interestingly, the government turns over seized Mafia property to one of his groups, l'Associazione Libera  No big deal?  In an article that NBC ran on Francis' attendance at Libera's annual Remembrance Day for Mafia victims, it is reported that the government had confiscated Mafia assets valued at $350 million euros ($482.5 million) in just the first two months of this year. 

In the third part of TIA's Atila Sinke Guimarães' analysis of Evangelii gaudium, he traces the VII popes gradual shift to left-leaning documents and declares that EG "took the last step that separated Socialism from Communism."

On the lighter side, That the Bones You Have Crushed blog presents this custom examination of conscience for Francis.  It would be helpful if Catholic News Agency would tweet it as often as it has tweeted pictures of the "pope" going to confession, as if he were the first pope ever to do so.  In a related post, Mundabor notes in "The Miracle of the Camera, 2014," that Francis, who can't seem to genuflect in front of the altar, can kneel just fine under certain circumstances.  And, oh dear, who is that man "in the box"?




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