With the Seasoned Resignation of a Weary Veteran

St. Walburga

His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn asks some serious questions of those who insist that he should fight the Modernists from within the Vatican II church.

Interestingly, "Fr." Carota, who celebrates the TLM within the novus ordo structure, raises the same hard questions as Bishop Sanborn, in this post on Traditional Catholic Priest.  He brings up the Reform of the Reform discussion with an excerpt and a link to Dom Mark Kirby's excellent piece on Vultus Christi, "Home from the Liturgical Thirty Years War."

He's not quite ready to undo all of Bugnini's handiwork, but in this lengthy Chat Cafe post, "Is the Reform of the Reform Dead?" another novus ordo "priest" explores the current situation of the ROTR and makes some encouraging statements, especially regarding learning the history of the reformers.

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