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St. Benedict

Mirror, mirror on the wall?  Francis beats out the competition for #1 leader on Fortune Mag's "best leader" list, walloping the Dalai Lama by eight spots.  However, the Dalai Lama boasts 8.61 million Twitter followers to Francis' 3.82 million, so frustratingly, we're not sure who's truly the best religious leader of them all.   At least they're all following their consciences.

Francis' longing for a poorer Church comes true, prompting worries among Vatican employees as Secretary of State Parolin implements a wage and hiring freeze.  The "Bishop of Rome's" contracting of multinational consulting firms while focusing attention on his "humble" black shoes and bus riding, sped the process, no doubt.  Meanwhile, he emphasizes to steel workers that "Job Creation is Essential for Promoting Human Dignity," and ignores Belgium's expansion of euthanasia to include children of all ages.

Grand "papa" Benedict:  The attack on the papacy as established by Jesus Christ--one man as head of the Church--escalates with a growing adviser role for "retired" Benedict XVI, who continues to dress as a pope and to enjoy at least the appearance of good health.

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