Francis Watch, Episode 24: Justification, Deaconnesses, and the SSPX

Bishop Donald Sanborn

Bishop Donald Sanborn

Father Nicolás Depósito

Father Nicolás Despósito

On this episode of Francis Watch, Bishop Donald Sanborn and Father Nicolás Despósito review June and July in the non-pontificate of Jorge Bergoglio.  Topics covered include:

-Francis’ reaction to the election of a Muslim as Mayor of London.
-The need to ask forgiveness of homosexuals.
-The veracity of Martin Luther’s teaching on Justification.
-The message to Muslims to celebrate Ramadan.
-Our Lord being called a “bit of a fool,” “weak on morals,” and “a bit unclean himself.”
-Francis’ assertion that Islamic violence can only be spoken of in the context of Catholic violence.
-ISIS’ response to Francis.
-The August Francis video: Peace through sports.
-The new committee to study the use of Deaconnesses.
-Ratzinger’s transubstantiation of the world.
-The SSPX’s upcoming deal in the context of:
--Bp. Tissier’s tacit condemnation of the new rite of ordination.
--Bp. Fellay’s vehement statements of desire to be united with Rome.
--Archbishop Pozzo’s interview indicating a Personal Prelature status is close.
--The new ugly Novus Ordo style church of the SSPX in Madrid.
-Ann Barnhardt goes Resignationist.
-Amoris Laetitia declared heretical…kind of.

Join host Stephen Heiner as we get to the bottom of what comes straight from the (just call me) Jorge’s mouth.

Original Air Date: August 19, 2016
Show Run Time: 2 hours 2 minutes
Show Guest(s): Bishop Donald Sanborn, Father Nicolás Despósito
Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner

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