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One year in, Louie Verrecchio reflects on the election of Francis and concludes, "Habemus Problema!"

Makin' a list and checkin' it twice:  Mundabor reviews Francis' "accomplishments" against last year's predictions of Marcelo Gonzalez and confirms "The Horror!"

"So too, I think, when the cardinals elected Beroglio they did not know what a Pandora’s box they were opening, they did not know what a steely character he was, they did not know that he was a Jesuit in very deep ways, they did not know who they were electing," Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor happily admitted in an Inside the Vatican interview, linked here by Rorate, that closes with the assertion that Church doctrine "changes in an indirect way."

A native of Cuba, Marielena Montesino de Stuart did know whom they were electing.  She knew all about Jorge Mario Bergoglio's frightening record prior to his election. As you will see from her March 13, 2013, post on what we could expect from his papacy, she has been completely vindicated for her negative appraisal.

Struggling mightily to narrow down the list to only twelve, Novus Ordo Watch prepared a poll for readers to choose which one of the terrible things that Francis has said and done in his first year is the worst.  The poll closes March 20.  Hurry on over.

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