A Perfect Model of Friendship

Erasmus on More from Supremacy and Survival provides a personal description of St. Thomas More, both of his character and appearance, from one who knew him well. “In a word, if you want a perfect model of friendship, you will find it in no one better than in More.”

Next up is a quick note from Nobility, He who loves Our Lord Jesus Christ as he should, is sensitive to meanness done to Him, to dwell on.

Here’s an essay from the one and only G.K. Chesterton, Miracles and Modern Civilisation taken from The American Chesterton Society website. A superficial read while distracted with other things won’t give you an appreciation for this man’s layers of thought. Rather, if you have the time, sit down to peruse the essay, that is to say, in the original sense of the word peruse, which is, believe it or not, “to read/examine thoroughly or carefully.”

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