Remaining Little

We celebrated the feast of The Little Flower at the beginning of the month and in honour of one of the greatest saints of modern times, here is a post from The Thinking Housewife. The Little Way provides several quotes from St. Therese herself and is an excellent read. Is it not hard to believe that one who died at 24 years of age has accomplished so much? “Pick up a pin from a motive of love, and you may thereby convert a soul. Jesus alone can make our deeds of such worth, so let us love Him with every fibre of our heart….”

The mother of a cardinal, Mrs. Vaughan, knew how to raise her eight boys and six girls. Read the story at Fine Femininity, Tick-Tock: A Mother's Teachable Moments, to find out what some of her methods were, including the watch.

The Hebdomadal Chesterton presents our last piece, a brief but thought-provoking quote, In a lower form. We could find so many other examples today to demonstrate his point!

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