True Devotion to Mary, Episode 5: Further Motives of True Devotion to Our Lady and Its Prefiguring in Sacred Scripture

In this episode, Fr. German Fliess and host Alexander Krawczyk finish discussing the various motives which should excite the faithful towards having a true devotion to their Blessed Mother. After which, the discussion turns to the Old Testament prefiguring of this devotion in the story of Rebecca and Jacob. The two explore the interpretation of this event as well as its prefiguration of the elect and the reprobate, and how we see our Blessed Mother prefigured in Rebecca.

Father Germán Fliess

Being the Month of May - one of Our Lady’s months - it is an excellent time for you to study this devotion and honor Our Lady in an unforgettable way. Transform your spiritual life by making this Total Consecration and becoming a loving slave of Jesus and Mary.

A special note of thanks to our anonymous donor for making this series available to the public in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and in memoriam of +Fr. Anthony Cekada. Please remember to keep Father and our donor in your prayers.

A special note of thanks to Nicholas Wilton for allowing us the use his music for this series. You can find out more about Mr. Wilton and his beautiful compositions here.

If you’re interested in examining this piece of Sacred Scripture further, Fr. Bede Nkamuke and Stephen Heiner recently discussed this event in an episode of Sacred Scripture and looked at various aspects of this story that were not able to be covered in this episode. That episode can be viewed here.

The books used in this series, as well as others of St. Louis de Montfort, can be found here.

Original Air Date: May 16, 2019
Show Run Time: 30 minutes
Show Guest: Father Germàn Fliess
Show Host: Alexander Krawczyk
Sponsor: In honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and in memoriam of Fr. Anthony Cekada

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