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A new way of thinking of custody of the eyes?  Even adult shoppers place more trust in a cereal if they make eye contact with a character on the box.  That may be why, according to this Business Week article, Capt. Crunch is looking down--so he can make eye contact with children.

Resilience features a story on how a small, locally-owned organic food producer was able to shift to a worker-owned cooperative model, which allowed the founders to protect the social mission of their company, Real Pickles, when they sold it.  The worker-owners raised the $500,000 to purchase the company in only two months, by selling non-voting shares through a direct public offering.

In "Why I Don't Own a Television" on the Circe Blog, Joshua Leland asks questions about why we think television watching is normal, how it is different from watching shows on the internet, and how we are changed by both mediums.


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