Behold, the Inheritance of the Lord are Children

"Hey Young People: Now's the Time to Get Married and Have Kids".  The Douay-Rheims version sounds better, but Matt Walsh is right.  For heaven's sake, get on with it already.  "You don't have to wait for 'The One,'" he says.  Exactly.

The Catholic Gentleman presents "Nine Ways to Restore All Things in Christ."  It features helpful quotes from Pope St. Pius X for each point.  Unfortunately, because the piece is written by a novus ordo seminarian, #7 includes a reference to John Paul II.  Ignore it and reap the benefits of Pius X's holy advice.

Have Southerners' concept of patriotism ever expanded to include the whole United States of America?  Kentucky native Katherine Dalton talks about love of one's homeplace in this speech that she presented last month at the Front Porch Republic conference and contends that she is "not big enough to contain enough love or fear to embrace all of the continental United States, or all of the southeastern United States, or all of the Upper South."

If you have a child in college, don't be surprised if he has to debate a student who believes in "post-birth abortion."  The College Fix reports on the surprising numbers of students who believe murdering children up to the age of 4 is perfectly justifiable.

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