To Dwell in the Quiet of This Heart

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

"Our love of God has grown cold," explains H. E. Bishop Donald Sanborn in this 1998 sermon on the need for devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The comparison he makes between the zeal of the poor in ages past and our coldness now provides a vivid image of our desperate need to draw near to the Furnace of the Sacred Heart.

Protestantism and Jansenism played a role in the institution of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, but this devotion goes back even further still.  In this Liturgia Latina post, all the essential background of this "feast of the love of God for men" is related.


The Novus Ordo Sect News by Matt Beck

No, you’re not being paranoid. Reading the news last week, one could be forgiven for suspecting that a homosexual putsch was beginning to gather itself in the corridors of power of the world’s institutions devoted to the advancement of transnational socialism, which of course includes the United States government and the post-Catholic sect in control of the Vatican. The first intimation of this comes from US Vice President Joe Biden, who this Tuesday called for a united global front against anti-gay discrimination, saying that the issue takes precedence over culture and social traditions (by which he presumably also means religiously-motivated objections). This doesn’t come as any great surprise considering the source; but remember that Biden is nominally a Roman Catholic, and we have yet to hear that he garnered any ecclesiastical censure for these remarks. That gives us a good initial indication of the NewChurch’s attitude towards such things, which was speedily confirmed by their own official publication. According to the just-released Instrumentum Laboris pertaining to the upcoming Synod of Bishops, the Catholic Church needs to be more tolerant of homosexuals, or at least that’s how the progressive wing of the Catholic noosphere is already taking it. With pastors like these, Biden need fear no reprisal. Moreover, not content with this victory, and apparently bent on the total corruption of both throne and altar in the nation’s Capitol, the Queer Hall Putsch has made bold to have a transgendered Episcopal priest preach at the Washington National Cathedral next Sunday. This, be it recalled from our last week's report, is the same Episcopal Church about which Francis said it is a scandal to be disunited from. The pieces are moving into position as we await the tide of October.

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