Following the Magi

Second Day within the Octave of the Epiphany

Bishop Sanborn fills in all the gaps you may have in your understanding of the Epiphany in this 22-minute sermon, which is brimful of interesting details about the Magi, whom he says are best described as priest-scholars.

". . .the Star vanished--but the light remained."  In this sermon text via Rorate Caeli, we hear the Epiphany story told by one of the Magi, weary and cold from the hardships of the journey;  Nevertheless he is inspired to worship fervently when the Christ Child is discovered at last, only to realize upon returning home that he and his companions would never again be "at ease in this world".

In this thoughtful post for Tradition in Action, Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira explains how our Lord uses a few persons to represent all of us in important events like the Crucifixion and the Epiphany and relates how this idea can be applied to the few present-day Catholics who are fighting to remain faithful to the Church in this era of confusion and widespread apostasy.

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