To Behold the Truth, And to Love It for Its Beauty

Saint of the Day:  St. Mary of Cleophas

Writing for Crisis, Anthony Esolen wields his awesome sword against the modern education dragon in "Read Literature to Learn and Love the Truth," where he cunningly uses famous literary characters to argue that true education is not about measuring and documenting.

Drawing on the apt imagery of the husbandsman for his first point, John Cuddeback makes the case for fathers to garden with their sons in Aleteia's "A Father's Hand in the Garden".  Point two addresses the need for boys to feel accomplished at something meaningful, while point three discusses boys' need to spend time being mentored by men in the "joy of shared work."

Fighting and Fashion?  Listverse offers this lighthearted look into "The Ten Most Fabulous Things People Wore into Battle."   Yes, one entry, #5, is about some sniper women.  Bleh.

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