The Filial Correction concerning Propagated Heresies which came out of the Novus Ordo of late has revived an argument against sedevacantism which is popular amongst conservative Novus Ordites: namely, the case of Pope John XXII. In honor of this, enjoy a perusal of Dr. de Mattei Prescribes an Anti-Sede Tranquilizer posted by Father Cekada at Quidlibet in 2015. “Those who recognize the gravity of Francis’ errors find themselves peering over the precipice into sedevacantism — the only truly coherent theological explanation for the dilemma he embodies — and it makes them dizzy…Anything, anything but that!”

Where is Sunday still Sunday? In Germany, apparently. John Horvat II uses the German concept of “sonntagsruhe” to urge a reversion to practicing the Christian concept of Our Lord’s day in Sunday is a Day of Rest Isn’t It? on Return to Order.

Martin Cothran fights against the modern definition of education as preparation for employment with his article In Defense of Well-Roundedness at Memoria Press. “Which brings us to another problem; namely the assumption that education is about getting a job or getting into college. If classical education involves anything at all, it is the repudiation of this belief. Education isn’t about getting a job, it is about becoming wise and virtuous (and, consequently, well-rounded).” Well said, Mr. Cothran.

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