The Ultimate Solution to Traditionis Custodes

The declaration of war has been delivered: Out with the Traditional Latin Mass!

Like Bethlehem on that fateful night, there is no room in the Novus Ordo inn for anything exclusively preaching the true Catholic Faith, such as the traditional Liturgy. These two religions, the ecumenical religion of Vatican II with its Novus Ordo Missae, and the Catholic Faith with its Traditional Latin Mass, cannot coexist within the same structures – Bergoglio knows that, the suppression document Traditionis Custodes makes that crystal clear, and it’s high time that everyone ceases calling them by the same name, and desists in trying to force these opposing entities to live in the same building.

Alarums have sounded throughout the whole Conservative Novus Ordo world. The flow of articles and discussions hasn’t ceased since this announcement, which seems to indicate the heartening prospect that the Latin Mass, and by extension the Catholic Faith of which it is the expression, mean a lot more to very many people than a mere preference over the Novus Ordo Mass which is an expression of the heretical religion of Vatican II.

To be expected, Novus Ordo Watch website, in record timing, released an informative analysis in a Tradcast episode a few weeks ago.  Since the publication of our initial article outlining some of the key responses to this suppression, Bishop Sanborn’s video sermon on this subject increased in views by thousands, in less than a week, to over 17,000! Verily, people are looking for the truth. They want answers. They want to find sense in what seems to them so senseless.

Father Philip Eldracher, pastor of Mary Help of Christians Chapel in Melbourne, Australia, added critical and very edifying insights to this topic, in his brief sermon pertinent to the Gospel Parable on the following Sunday, The Tradition-Guarding Pharisee.

The leading Sedevacantist clergy have stated the facts, so what avenue should now be taken by those who desire to be Catholic, yet have formerly looked for the true Faith in the Novus Ordo, post-Vatican II churches? If you have already studied all the videos and articles compiled in our previous post, then you should be keen to contact a validly-ordained priest at one of the chapels linked, and continue your research utilising our specially curated Escape from the Novus Ordo Give-away:

Free Download of the entire transcript of the Francis Watch Episode 47 with Bp. Sanborn.

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