Traditionis Custodes – the Only and Final Solution

The hornet’s nest stirred up by the suppression of the Traditional Latin Mass within the Novus Ordo church indicates that to very many who recognise Francis as a true pope and the Vatican II religion as the Catholic religion, this is a profoundly disturbing turn of events. The overview of this flurry of responses, summarised by Novus Ordo Watch in the article aptly titled, MELTDOWN: Round-Up of Reactions to Francis’ Suppression of the Traditional Latin Mass gives evidence that very many people are concerned and bewildered by this action.

Those of us who have already come to the realisation that the Novus Ordo church is a clever counterfeit of the true Catholic Church, and by extension its popes are not true popes, are not fazed in the slightest. Our response is: “That’s not the Church, Francis isn’t the Pope, so this has no impact on my access to Holy Mass.” We remain at peace and secure in the knowledge of the fact that Bergoglio has no authority over us as Catholics. Yet, this development does provide some potential change for the better, in that we hope this might be a signal grace from God to awaken those of good faith still within the Novus Ordo sect, to sound the distress call, as it were, “Houston, we have a problem!” To be precise (in both sides of the analogy): “Houston, we've had a problem here.” And regarding the Novus Ordo religion and its hierarchy that problem goes back about 60 years!

Within a week of release, this sermon on youtube by Rev. Damien Dutertre had about 11,000 views (this is in addition to all the audio-sermon podcast-listeners).

Soon thereafter it was published in French, followed by Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn’s sermon on the same topic which already had over 11,000 views within five days of publication! Likewise, this astonishing number excludes all his usual, and additional, audio-sermon podcast-listeners.

People smell a rat, and understandably – and commendably - are looking for some answers. The answer is surprisingly simple, and the truths presented in these sermons by Father Duterte and Bishop Sanborn, with added information and analysis presented in the latest episode of Francis Watch, clearly and unequivocally provide the One & Only and Final Solution to this otherwise inexplicable assault on the traditional Catholic Mass, as well as the integral inconsistencies of the Vatican II religion, and its irreconcilability with the Catholic Faith founded by Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Fortunate are those who formerly attended the Extraordinary Form/Latin Mass in Novus Ordo churches in the U.S and the U.K. because this suppression is forcing you right now to look for an alternative, and this search, God-willing, will have led you to properly investigate the Sedevacantist position, so that your search for the true Catholic position can finally come to its happy conclusion. Those in Australia and mainland Europe who can choose to continue attending such Masses, if your chapels aren’t standard parish churches, would do well not to succumb to the temptation to delay what must be done to get out of your contradictory position, mental state of denial and/or wilful ignorance.

Laity would do well to print out some articles which indicate that presiders who were (purportedly) “ordained” or “consecrated” using the new rite of ordination/consecration are not in fact validly-ordained clerics, in order to give to their presiders. Ask them to prove to you that they are – definitely – priests, possessing the God-given power to offer the Holy Sacrifice, and provide Sacramental Absolution in Confession etc, as expressly required by the Church’s principles of Sacramental Theology (as precisely expounded before Vatican II). This is a very serious thing that demands we diligently ascertain with a moral certainty the true status – not only for the laity's sake, but even more so for those “priests” who mistakenly think they have been endowed with the power of Holy Orders from the Catholic Church!

Nor does the solution lie in the fact that there are some validly-ordained priests offering the Latin Mass, whether in Novus Ordo churches or in SSPX ‘Recognize & Resist’ chapels, because in all these cases they are illicit Masses. This is because they are either being explicitly offered in union with the heretical Novus Ordo hierarchy, or worse, such clergy are secretly not including these heretics in the una cum part of the Canon of the Mass, whilst outwardly giving the grave scandal of publicly acknowledging these notorious heretics as worthy claimants to these offices in Holy Mother Church.

Don’t wait any longer, heed the wake-up call: “Go out from her [Babylon], my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.” (Apocalypse 18:4)

The truth shall make you free. Embrace it!

*If you’re in the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K. or mainland Europe, various Mass centres that exclusively offer the untainted and unadulterated (non una cum) Latin Mass can be found in this directoryrecommended-links.

If you’re a Catholic looking for the truth and access to the Tridentine (Traditional) Catholic Mass in Australia, offered by clergy who are validly ordained by validly-consecrated bishops, and not rendered illicit by being offered in union with heretics or apostates, you can find safe harbour at Mary Help of Christians, Australia-wide mission (based in Melbourne).

~ Feast of St. Peter's Chains

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