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"The Rosary and the Bargain."   In this Finer Femininity post, Joseph Breig recounts how determining to say the rosary daily no matter what turned his life around and then his family's.  Wonderful inspirational read for busy folks and those with boisterous little ones.

Well here's a book that needs to be snatched up right away and devoured, as it is sure to inject each reader with hope.  Imagine!  A story about the election of a truly Catholic pope immediately following the death of JPII.  Read the author's description on The Thinking Housewife in a post titled, "A Pope Like General Patton."

Oh, my gosh!  Big Data moves to the hive.  Using all kinds of massively sophisticated technology, scientists discovered that bees can get promoted, according to "No Glass Ceiling for Worker Bees," in the the NYTimes.


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