The Councils, Episode 32: Review: from Jerusalem to Vatican I

As a wrap-up to everything that was learned in all the previous episodes of this series, Father and Stephen briefly discuss each Council and what was covered at each, in the following order:

  • Jerusalem
  • Nicea I
  • Constantinople I
  • Ephesus
  • Chalcedon
  • Constantinople II
  • Constantinople III
  • Nicea II
  • Constantinople IV
  • Lateran I
  • Lateran II
  • Lateran III
  • Lateran IV
  • Lyons I
  • Lyons II
  • Vienne
  • Constance
  • Florence
  • Lateran V
  • Trent
  • Vatican I

There will be no quiz, dear listeners, but we hope that this inspires you to go back into Church history and learn more of how the Holy Spirit has protected and guided the Barque of Peter for two millennia.


Vatican Council

Vatican Council

The music used in this show was composed by Nicholas Wilton. To enjoy more of his work go to:

Original Air Date: May 3, 2022
Show Run Time: 44 minutes
Show Host: Stephen Heiner
Show Guest: Fr. Arnold Trauner

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