The Catholic Home: The Head of the Home

The Catholic Home: The Head of the Home (Part 1)

“Be under no illusion, we are at war.”

There is an all-out assault on Catholic husbands and fathers by the world and modern society. Attacked from all sides, men are told to abandon their responsibilities, to give up their traditional roles as leaders and bread winners and to be absolutely anything but masculine. What was once taken for granted as being vital to proper manliness is now considered toxic and damaging to society.

If this is the war the devil is waging, how do we fight back and defeat the army of darkness?

In this episode of Member-supported Restoration Radio, The Catholic Home: The Head of the Home, (Part 1 of 2) the dynamic spousal duo, Damian and Theresa - who attend Mary Help of Christians (Melbourne) mission, that provides the Traditional (Tridentine) Latin Mass to faithful Catholics throughout Australia - are joined by their long-time friend Phil to discuss man’s proper role as a husband and his responsibility to fight the evil of the world and lead his family to Heaven. The three Australian Catholics have a natural, long-earned chemistry which makes for a hilarious trio as they take a very serious topic and discuss it in depth and have a good time as they do so.  At one point, Damian humorously describes what might happen if feminists attend a wedding where the priest reads from Saint Paul in his letter to the Ephesians. Needless to say, in Damian’s opinion, there would be huffing and puffing leading to the blowing up of the girls’ veils in the front pew with the very idea of wives needing to “be subject to their husbands.”

Of course, Saint Paul actually spends much more time in this same letter discussing the duties of the man towards his wife and how he must love her like his own body. These are facts that tend to get lost in our woke, feministic culture.

Though there is plenty of humour, the premise of the show is vital and is meant to point out exactly what the Church promotes as the true role of husband and father, how the world and the devil are attempting to overthrow those values, and how we can win this battle of good and evil.

For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.” - Ephesians 6:12

Damian and Phil, who became friends in the military, describe how Catholic men must be the captains of their little troop of soldiers and that they have to lead their families on the long and difficult path to paradise rather than down the easy route to the depths of eternal suffering. It cannot be understated how much responsibility rests on the shoulders of a husband and father, more so in terms of caring for the souls under his care than their physical welfare. If a general fails, so does his army. If a husband cannot fulfill his role as the head of his family or if he falls into error and the ways of the world, his family will crumble and souls will be lost. Any lost soul under his watch as head of the home will be weighed heavily against him when he comes to be judged by God for his sins.

“Satan is the prince of the world, he is using all the resources of the world available to him to attack the family and the head of the home.”

Though their non-Catholic friends may tell them otherwise and the devil may whisper lies in their ears, men must give their all for their families - even their lives when necessary. They must love their wives more than themselves and they must lead with the authority and strength as given to them by God.

Though many may joke that there is no “how to” manual and no “complete idiot’s guide to marriage," there are actually many incredible resources that men can take advantage of in their journey to being a good husband and father. The Church has provided us with catechisms and teachings of Church scholars which describe in perfect detail how to accomplish the one great goal of bringing our families with us on our paths to paradise.

Damian, Phil and Theresa leave the listener with a strong understanding of the attacks men face in the world, how we can battle against them and the true depth of the responsibility which must be taken by those in the marital state and those who desire to be so.

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