The Angelus, the Zero Show, and request for prayers

H.E., Bishop Daniel Dolan gave a sermon this last Sunday called, "Saved by the Bell," on the prayer known as the Angelus.  The Restoration Radio Network presented a show on that topic, hosted by Justin Soeder and featuring the Bishop, the day before.  Both are well worth a listen!

Today Nicholas Wansbutter and Stephen Heiner will be hosting the Zero Show- the origin behind Restoration Radio specifically and True Restoration in general.  We will be live at 12:30pm EDST.

Finally, we ask for your prayers for Mrs. Kathleen Sanborn, the mother of H.E. Bishop Donald Sanborn, who passed away this last week.  A pontifical requiem will be said for her today in Florida.  Should you wish to have a candle lit or Mass said for her you may do at if your local priest is not currently taking new Mass intentions.

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2 Responses

  1. Joy Bartel says:

    Dear Stephen, Nicholas, and all the collaborators of True Restoration,
    Just wanted to pop in to say thank you so much for all the excellent work of this past season! I am a subscriber to True Restoration Media and will definitely be renewing. I'm glad to support such a worthy apostolate, one that I have directly benefited from, as the shows have increased my knowledge of "integral Catholicism". I knew what that was, but could never quite communicate this idea, until hearing it put so astutely.
    I, also, love the medium of podcasts, and found myself talking to you, while listening to the Zero show. You described people listening while doing dishes, or driving the car and I added, "or milking their cow!" 🙂
    God Bless you for all your hard work!

  2. ambrosio says:

    I would like the good clergy to do a show on the SSPX. It seems that we have a new situation. From no salvation outside the SSPX we now have the dogma No Salvation Outside the (English speaking) SSPX Resistance.