Taking Time for the Beautiful, the Noble, and the Sacred

St. John Baptist de la Salle

Have you ever positioned your car behind a slow-moving truck on purpose?  "Fr." Peter Carota did just that and in "Traditional Catholic Faith and Living Life in the Slow Lane," he encourages everyone to make an effort at developing that spirit in order to put God first and to prepare for a good death.

Stephanie Mann reveals interesting historical connections between the pub that was supposed to host Harvard's "Black Mass" and one in England at the time of the Reformation.  "But the significance of the location of the Black Mass re-enactment goes deeper. . ."

A former homeschooling skeptic lists 18 reasons why she changed her mind--like she gets her children during the best part of their day rather than the worst.  Good reasons.  H/T to Tea at Trianon.


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