Some Kind of Magical Pill

St. Bridget of Sweden

Amazing to read in this NPR piece how the developers of the birth control pill had to sneak around and lie to do their research.  And wouldn't you know, a Catholic OB/GYN was one of the four developers, along with the champion of women's "freedom," Margaret Sanger.

Writing for the National Review, Kevin D. Williams exposes the plans of Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy to psycho-analyze homes-schoolers in "They Are Coming for Your Children," and explains why they are considered a threat by the Left.

More Medical Kidnapping?  Inquisitr reports that last April two sisters with a rare genetic disorder were snatched from their parents by CPS at the direction of Phoenix Children's Hospital and declared wards of the state .  Apparently this was to facilitate them being used for genetic research without their parents' consent.  Chillingly, the doctor who was responsible for the medical kidnapping of Justine Pelletier by Boston Children's is directly responsible for this new case in Phoenix.

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