Ladies, Lent is as appropriate a season as ever to foster the virtues of recollection and prudence in regards to speech especially.  The two guards before our tongues, the teeth and the lips, serve as reminders for us to think before we speak.  Finer Femininity’s piece, The Tongue, That Unruly Member, encourages girls to avoid falling into the habit of disrespectful, harsh and unladylike use of the spoken word.


Mastering the art of self-control over what we say can be a challenge, but it something for which every Catholic must aspire.   In her aptly short yet sweet article, A True Lady Knows When to Speak and When to be Silent, Señorita Rita provides food for thought concerning the important balance of silence and speech.


Lastly, Lorraine Espenhain exhorts Catholics to turn away from the noise and clamour of the modern world, which has no place for God, and to take up daily spiritual reading in her article on Seton Magazine, 'Saved by the Book': How Sinners Became Saints through Spiritual Reading.  If we are dismayed by the thought of going a single day without food, should we not, then, be a thousand times more appalled at the idea of failing to daily nourish our immortal souls?

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