Silence and Wisdom

In today’s constantly connected, overly informed world of smartphones, touchscreens, and WIFI, silence can be extraordinarily elusive. What’s more, many find it uncomfortable or even anxiety provoking. But without silence there can be neither Peace nor Hope. In The Practice of Silence for Lay People, Sam Guzman with The Catholic Gentleman offers a discussion of why silence is uncomfortable, how to seek it out in our busy and distracting world, and what we can gain by the practice. It is definitely worth reflecting upon for all who idly busy themselves with a screen or prefer constant background noise.

Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things by Veronica Arntz on Truth and Charity Forum addresses the very important question, “What is wisdom?” “The gift of wisdom causes man to desire more deeply the knowledge of God and to pursue Him more closely as the ultimate end of the universe.” Ms. Arntz examines wisdom via the ancient philosophers and Holy Scripture, and as a gift of the Holy Ghost, leaving her reader with much to consider about the pursuit and treasured attainment thereof.

Lastly, Finer Femininity presents an excerpt from True Womanhood, by Rev. Bernard O’Reilly (1893) entitled The Sweet Mistress of Home. It is an inspirational piece sure to encourage even women of the most modest means to emulate the splendid example of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland.

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