Catholic Spirituality, Episode 11: Stages of the Christian Life

Fr. Nicholás Depósito

Father Nicolás Despósito

In this episode, Part III: Negative Aspect of the Christian Life begins in Royo Marín's Theology of Christian Perfection with Stages of the Christian Life.

The three principal classifications which have been proposed in the history of Christian spirituality are the classic division into the three ways (purgative, illuminative and unitive), that of the three degrees (beginners, proficient and perfect), and that of St. Teresa of Avila as outlined in her Interior Castle. We shall bend these three classifications in order to construct the following schema of the entire Christian life.

Join Father Nicolás Despósito and host Father Germán Fliess, seminary professors at Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida in this episode of Catholic Spirituality.

Original Air Date: June 17, 2016
Show Run Time: 53 minutes
Show Guest(s): Father Nicolás Despósito
Show Host(s): Father Germán Fliess

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