Season 9, August Course: The Missions

We hope all of our members and readers are enjoying a pleasant summer! If it has been difficult so far, rest assured that we may find much-needed relief just by contemplating, with the church, the Immaculate Heart of Mary during this entire month and particularly with her feast day! In the coming weeks, we will celebrate many more special feast days dedicated to Our Lady, beginning with the feast of the Assumption, (a Holy Day in the United States). Let us not forget to fly to her patronage in all of our necessities!

We release a new series this month, entitled: The Missions! In these first 4 episodes, we will hear from two priests, Father Arnold Trauner and Father Stephen McKenna, about their past and continuing missions and their efforts taken to spread the True Faith even to remote locations. You can enjoy these new episodes as they are released throughout the month, beginning August 7th.

All of the most recent episodes of True Restoration are exclusively accessible to our valued members. We continue to offer Monthly and Annual Memberships in support of the Traditional Catholic clergy, in an effort to bring quality Catholic content to all who seek it! This season, monthly memberships include access to all of the current season’s releases, including this series, The Missions. Enjoy this series today by becoming a member!

Discover what it takes to start and carry on a Mission for the salvation of souls, with Fr. Trauner and Fr. McKenna, in this new series, The Missions.

The Missions, Episode 1: What Does It Take to Establish a Mission?

In this special miniseries, we meet Frs. Arnold Trauner and Stephen McKenna, two priests who have covered literally dozens of missions over a 20-year time span, in all parts of the world. The Fathers...

The Missions, Episode 2: What Does It Take to Maintain a Mission?

Once a mission has been established, what’s next? How are marriages and confirmations dealt with? Catechetics and Confessions? What about long term planning, like: Buying property A school A resident priest A convent or...

The Missions, Episode 3: An Enemy Hath Done This: Splits

Splits are an inevitable part of life in any human organization, but even in the supernatural organization of the Church they come. The Fathers discuss why splits happen and why, very often, they are...

The Missions, Episode 4: Stories from the Trenches

The Fathers share some stories from their missionary work: the good, the bad, and everything in between. A special note of thanks to Nicholas Wilton for allowing us the use his music for this...

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