From the Pulpit, Episode 46: Reparation for Sin and Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows

Firstly, Bishop Daniel Dolan shares with us the meaning behind the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand, the feeding of the multitudes with the loaves and the fishes prefigures the institution of the Blessed Sacrament. The greatest act of reparation for Sin is the Sacrifice of the Mass, it is the perfect act of atonement.

Secondly, Father Stephen McKenna discusses the seven sorrows of Our Lady. The Mother of God suffered alongside Our Lord, she was there every step of the way, every whip, every blow, every scratch, she suffered as much as Christ did, except not in body but in spirit. The fourth station of the cross, the meeting of Mother and Son, exemplifies the suffering on that fateful journey to Calvary.

Join us on this episode of From the Pulpit.

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Original Air Date: April 8, 2017
Show Run Time: 25 minutes
Show Guest(s): Bishop Daniel Dolan, Father Stephen McKenna
Show Host(s): Daniel Fitton

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