The Flagship Show, Episode 53: SSPX Watch

Bishop Donald Sanborn

Bishop Donald Sanborn

Father Nicolás Depósito

Father Nicolás Despósito

On today’s flagship episode we examine two pieces of correspondence by Archbishop Lefebvre which have recently come to light, one from 1986 and one from 1988. [PDF Links 1986, 1988]

We also discuss extracts from a recent article penned by Great Britain District Superior Father Brucciani, in regards to the differences between the Old Mass and the New:

"Now, both the old Mass and the new Mass, when celebrated properly with the right intention and by an ordained priest, are both the same Sacrifice of Calvary made present in a sacramental manner; they are both perfect in this regard. Where they differ is in the non-essential signs each employs to point us to an understanding and reverence of the reality.” [PDF Link]

We also discuss the ongoing “Fellay Tales” as detailed by Novus Ordo Watch.

As well as note the upcoming “Catholic Identity Conference” which Bishop Sanborn labeled a “Trad Assisi.”

Finally, Bishop Sanborn has some comments on the so-called new “congregation” which was “established” by Bishop Faure.

Join Father Desposito and host Stephen Heiner as we continue to examine the order which shows every indication of wishing to join the modernist Novus Ordo Sect, after decades of lonely exile.

Original Air Date: September 12, 2016
Show Run Time: 50 minutes
Show Guest(s): Bishop Donald Sanborn, Father Nicolás Despósito
Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner

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