Season 10, July Course: Sacred Scripture

While the world reminds those of us in the U.S. to remember our independence from a secular monarch, Mother Church chooses July to remind us of the incomparable value of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord (July 1st). The entire month is dedicated to this gift which offers us true freedom - freedom from the bondage of sin.

Stephen Heiner hosts Father Arnold Trauner this month in a continuation of the series Sacred Scripture. They’ve recorded four episodes this season with topics including, amongst other items, the golden calf, the death of St. John the Baptist, the laws for divine worship, and Our Lord’s discourse on the Bread of Life.

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Let Father Arnold Trauner guide you to a deeper understanding of and more profound appreciation for Sacred Scripture this month!

Sacred Scripture, Episode 34: The Golden Calf and The Sending Out of the Apostles

Our discussions of Sacred Scripture continue, with Fr. Trauner and Stephen discussing the creation (and destruction) of the golden calf, as well as Our Lord’s sending out of the Apostles. Original Air Date: July...

Sacred Scripture, Episode 35: The Making of the Tabernacle and the Death of John the Baptist

Our Lord gives many exact details for the building of the Tabernacle that foreshadows Our Lord and Our Lady. We once again see how important and sacred the Church sees marriage in the death...

Sacred Scripture, Episode 36: Laws for Divine Worship and The Miracles of the Loaves and Fishes and Walking on Water

Our Lord is not just clear and exacting on how He wants the Tabernacle to be built, but also how He wishes to be worshipped. Father and Stephen also discuss the Miracles of the...

Sacred Scripture, Episode 37: The Spies and the Bread of Life Discourse

Unsurprisingly, as they frequently do in the Old Testament (and the New), the Jews show their infidelity to the commands of the Lord and pay the price for disobedience. In the New Testament segment...

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