The Heart of the King



Rev. Silvano Matulich, O.F.M.



The author was inspired by the Encyclical of Pope Pius XI (1925) in which the Holy Father “expressly indicates as the principal cause of the calamities which afflict the human race, the fact that the generality of men have removed Jesus Christ and His holy law from their private, domestic, and political life.” He also states, ‘there is no more efficacious means toward realising the peace of Christ in the reign of Christ,’ than that of restoring the Empire of our Lord. “ The book is divided into three sections, each with up to eight chapters per section: God’s Love For Christ; Christ’s Love For Us; and – “since so great a love demands a return of love there is the third Section – Our Love For Christ. As you read this book, may He shine into your mind, and inflame your heart with the fire of His own divine ardors” (from the Preface).



Imprimatur 1934

147 pages


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The Heart of the King